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Project Description

An Interfacelift API wrapper using Mashape platform.
Interfacelift is a wallpaper service and can be reached at
Mashape is an API aggregator service, and the documentation of the Interfacelift's service is available at!documentation. 

Project Usage

 1) Put your API Key in App/Web.config

    <section name="InterfaceLiftService" type="InterfaceLiftLib.Configuration.InterfaceLiftServiceConfigSection, InterfaceLiftLib"/>

  <InterfaceLiftService MashapeApiKey="-- YOUR MASHAPE API KEY HERE --" />


2) Start using this library in just 10 lines of code!

//Creating a new instance of the service..
var service = InterfaceLiftServiceFactory.CreateNewService();
//Getting the last 10 wallpapers..            
service.GetWallpapers(callback: (wallpapers, exception) =>
                                            foreach (var wallpaper in wallpapers)



  • Finish to write in-code documentation.
  • Map “submission”, “submissions”, “submission_download” functions.

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